PISTOL CALIBER ONLY - NO RIFLE   22LR, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 38 Special, 357 Magnum and similar performance ammunition are all acceptable even if being used in a carbine or rifle.  5.56mm, 7.62 and similar performance rifle rounds are NOT allowed.  We do have 1 lane approved for 44 magnum. 

The Shootist has 10 lanes that are 25 yards in length.  

The target carriers will allow you to adjust the distance between you and the target from 1 to 25 yards and anything in between. 


The Shootist Pistol Range will become The Shootist Gun Range in summer of 2017.  We will close down the range operations in July in order to replace the steel backstops at the back of the range and the target carriers.  The result will be that all calibers and rifles up to 30.06 will be approved on the range.  In short - AR15s, AKs and Shotguns will be welcome.  The max distance will still be 25 yards.  The carriers will be upgraded to a track system that will eliminate the swing and bounce associated with the cable currently in place.

The range range began construction over 18 years ago.  It is time for this upgrade to address the needs of you, our customers, and the industry as a whole.  We are doing our best to balance price, value and service while these changes are underway.  We know we are the least expensive in the Denver Metro Area and will continue to deliver great value for the dollar.  As improvements are made, we will have to adjust some services and pricing.  It will always be fair, aggressive and most importantly - SAFE.