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The Shootist is a great local resource for basic through advanced training.  Only credentialed/certified instructors are allowed to teach at The Shootist.  The majority of the instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association in a variety of disciplines from Pistol, shotgun and rifle to other focus areas such as 'Refuse to be a Victim' and the 'Eddie Eagle' NRA Firearm Safety program for children in the fourth grade and under.  Ladies only instruction is available as we bring on a female NRA Certified Instructor.

With the combination of a retail shop, classroom and range all in one location, you can be assured of making the most effective use of your training time with quality instructors.

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Contact Shootist Training Services for more details and tailored solutions. 720-772-9762 or email shootisttraining@gmail.com

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There is much more to learn about the NRA at  https://home.nra.org/ and training at http://training.nra.org/