One of the only places you can bring your students

We welcome outside trainers to The Shootist just as we have for years.  You can bring your students here to use the classroom or the range for the appropriate fees.  There are not many clubs or ranges in the region that allow this and they have their reasons. 

We are doing our best to balance price, value and service.  We know we are the most open to Outside Trainers in the Denver Metro Area and will continue to deliver great value for the dollar.  As improvements are made, we will have to adjust some REQUIREMENTS, services and pricing.  It will always be fair, agressive and most importantly - SAFE.

So What's Changed?

The Shootist Pistol Range will now require that we have your training credentials/certifications on file.  You will also need to show proof of 'The Shootist Pistol Range' being listed as a location on your Instructors Insurance Policy.  This allows us to offer these training opportunities in the classroom and on the range for both civilian and armed professionals.