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Are you looking to experience shooting for the first time?  Checking out a new carry gun?  We've got you covered.  The Shootist has a solid selection of firearms common to the shooting and concealed carry industry.  The selection is expanding and we are reviewing our programs, so some information may change.


Check out some of the top handguns used for self defense and recreational shooting in the United States.  Single Stack 9mm's like the Glock 43 and Smith & Wesson Shield are ready for you to try out.   Never fired a revolver before?  There are a few in the cabinet for your shooting pleasure.  Concealed Carry or 'Duty' guns interest you?  45 ACP 1911s, Many mid and full size Glocks to choose from.  *There are more than just these pictured*

G19SPG 1911gp100



We have some plinkers, fun guns and some AR-15 and AK47 based guns to check out. *There are more than just these pictured*