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The Shootist Retail Shop

The Shootist has a growing selection of firearms, ammunition and accessories available to you.  From the leading manufacturers to some obscure and out of production items, there isn't much that we can't get or see in the store.  We are an licensed FFL dealer with the ability to meet the needs of almost any level interest.  Home Defense?  CHECK.  Concealed Carry?  CHECK.  Just getting started and need everything including training?  BIG CHECK.  Many of our staff members are prior military service, certified NRA instructors and carry daily.  Their passion is YOUR resource.  Even better, we keep it real here - YOUR needs are what we are going to do our best to fill - not Investors (because we dont have any to answer too)


From the Glock series of pistols to the monster Smith & Wesson 500 or Browning M2 50 Cal Machine Guns, they all roll through the Shootist. 

Just because it isn't on the shelves doesn't mean that there wasn't one there last week. 

Know what you want already?  Click on the 'SHOP' menu button and our online store will make ordering easy for you. 

Want to do it in person instead?  Then bring some of your lead and irons in and do some shooting after our staff places your special order.