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LADIES - We offer some of our most popular classes just for you - NO MALE STUDENTS ALLOWED. 

If you are just starting out or you've got your Concealed Handgun Permit, this is for you without any of the risk of THAT GUY.  Guns, Gear, Carry Methods and Shooting Techniques can vary considerably from the typical male dominated industry.  We understand and have restricted attendence and instructors for these class times.   Never shot before?  Basic Handgun Safety sets a great foundation.  Already a responsible gun owner?  Many people have the ability to get the permit but lack the confidence in their abilities to actually carry.  Others are carrying but looking for training and skills beyond what their basic course gave them.  We have you covered.  From courses focused on safety in public with holster instruction to "Running in the Dark while Shooting at MULTIPLE Targets", we have instruction available for you.